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Devolli Corporation

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Our Brands


We are very happy to know you for so many years. Everything you want to know about Devolli Corporation brands is here.

Prince Caffe Turke

It is an original mix of original and selected beans of coffee, in compliance with unique recipes and designed for those who enjoy strong and traditional taste of coffee, black with tasty cream. It is the most sold product from the Devolli Princ Caffe and the most sold coffee product in our country. It is sold in regional countries as well. A cup of Turkish coffee is an irreplaceable embodiment of friendship, love, taste and tradition... We are proud that we hold to this tradition with Devolli Princ Caffe Turke, a coffee that is ingrained in Kosovar homes more than any other coffee product. Due to the cream layer it makes, Devolli Princ Caffe Turke remains warm for a longer time, enduring the pleasure of drinking it. The pleasure of drinking our Turkish coffee has only one synonym. It is, LEZET (Turkish-pleasure) and FRESHNESS. The success of Devolli Princ Caffe Turke is based on the beans of highest qualify of world coffee that are carefully selected, roasted, blended and packed in a qualitative packaging that contains flavour, taste and freshness. We at Devolli Princ Caffe believe that there is nothing better than a warm cup of Devolli Princ Caffe Turke.


Pascalin is the new brand of the large Devolli Corporation family. By purchasing this brand, Devolli Corporation now supplies Kosovo and Macedonia with this type of quality coffee. Now, Pascalin coffee comes in the market with three different packages; with 100gr, 200gr and 500gr. Made from the finest coffee beans, Pascalin is what you need and pleases you whenever you taste it.

Prince Espresso

With its good taste that gives you pleasure, Prince Espresso is served quite well as espresso, cappuccino, or macchiato, becoming even better with its cream.

Prince Premium

Prince Premium Espresso is a mixture that allows you to enjoy the high quality of espresso. Prince Premium Espresso has done numerous tests and tried to find the right blend recipe based on research and development, producing the highest quality and best espresso coffee from quality coffee beans, in accordance with the taste of consumers . With great packaging design, quality blend and reasonable price, this product will undoubtedly win the hearts of true espresso lovers. Prince Premium Espresso is produced with high capacities and distributed in all parts of Kosovo, Albania, Montenegro and Macedonia. Carefully roasted, cooled and vacuum packed, it brings a characteristic and very stable taste. By now you have surely tasted Espresso from Prince Caffe. It is already found on every corner, almost in every cafe. This shows the undeniable success that Prince Premium Espresso has achieved as the bearer of the new espresso culture in Kosovo. And this success shows the quality and uniqueness of our coffee.

Gold Espresso

Espresso gold is a wonderful mix, and is roasted in Italian style. With our expertise and technique in coffee industry you cannot expect anything else other than a sweet espresso, aromatic and very tasteful. With its wonderful and pleasure providing taste, gold espresso is served very well as espresso, cappuccino or macchiato. Its cream makes it even better.

Grande Aroma

Grande Aroma is a special mix of roasted coffee of premium quality with blended coffee, made of carefully picked beans with pleasant taste and flavour. Grand aroma makes wonderful coffee or espresso cream.


Prince Caffe brings the newest products to the new Prince Instant brand

Prince 3 in 1

Enjoy a delicious blend of coffee sweetness with light cream, everywhere and whenever you want. Prince Classic 3in1, with a unique aroma and taste, conveniently turns the dark mixture into a white and sweet coffee. Made with high quality Robusta coffee beans and enclosed in a self-service bag, Prince Classic 3in1 combines our blend with an amount of cream and sugar to create a delicious white and light coffee.

Delicious mixture of coffee, cream and sugar.
Soothing and strong aroma.
Mix of the coffee sweetnes and light cream.
Enclosed in a self-service bag, you will have it with you wherever you are.

Prince Instant Strong & Rich

Prince Instant Mild is instant coffee that has been extracted from roasted coffee beans. High quality coffee beans are selected and carefully roasted. Perfect coffee for the stressful daily routine.

Prince Instant Smooth & Rich is instant coffee that has been benefited from roasted coffee beans. High quality coffee beans are selected and carefully roasted. Perfect coffee for the stressful daily routine.

Prince Instant Strong is instant coffee that has been extracted from roasted coffee beans. High quality coffee beans are selected and carefully roasted. Perfect coffee for the stressful daily routine.

Filter Coffee

Prince Caffee known for producing the best coffee in the country, offering different types of coffee to its fans has now brought to the market a new type of coffee called Filter Coffee.

Filter Coffee is strong roasted coffee, not deviating from the taste of Prince coffee, and is the ideal coffee for preparation in filter coffee machines.

In taste, filter coffee is less acidic than cappuccino, espresso or machiato and has a more subtle coffee taste. It also has a coarser grind and is brewed for a longer time at a lower temperature.

Prince Horeca Flavour & Coffee Creamer

Enjoy special moments with Prince Vanilla. With a light blend of coffee and milk Prince Vanilla creates the feeling of being in the coffe shop in the comfort of your own home. A blend of high quality Arabica and Robusta coffee beans find their way into Prince Vanilla. A delicious blend of coffee and vanilla, skim milk powder and sugar. Just add hot water and mix!

Prince Coffee Cream is ideal for delicious coffee. Using powdered cream is a perfect way to make the strong taste of coffee softer, giving it a milky taste and aroma.

The perfect powder cream for coffee.
I jep kafes shije dhe aromë qumështi.
Përmban proteina të qumështit.

Gold & Decaf

Enjoy Golden moments with the aroma and taste of Prince Gold coffee. With the selection and roasting of the best quality Arabica and Robusta coffee beans comes Prince Gold with seductive aromas and special taste.

Coffee with special mixture.
With the best Arabica and Robusta coffee beans
Mature slowly
The special glass cup design keeps Prince Gold coffee fresh to the last drop.

Prince Decaf with rich aroma and special taste decaffeinated and moderately roasted. Robusta coffee beans are grown using only water to remove caffeine. Enjoy decaffeinated Prince Decaf, high quality coffee with selection of the best coffee beans and carefully roasted.

Prince Decaf without caffeine.
Roasted moderately from Robusta coffee beans.
Only water is used to remove caffeine.
The special glass cup design keeps Prince Decaf coffee fresh to the last drop.

Prince Quick

Prince Quick drink with cocoa powder enriched with vitamins and minerals. Contains vitamins C, B1 and D. It is an important source of milk protein. Supports children during their daily activities and provides nutritional value.

Contains nutritional value.
Vitamins C, B1 and D.
Prepared with milk.

Illy Caffee

Devolli Corporation is the exclusive distributor of illy Caffe in Kosovo

Address: Zahir Pajaziti n.n.
30000 Peja / Pec , Kosovo

[email protected]


Customs Terminal

Tradition, trust and success of “Devolli Corporation” continued with the opening of Customs Terminal that provides services of the highest European quality.

Tradition, trust and success of “Devolli Corporation” continued with the opening of Customs Terminal that provides services of the highest European quality.
The terminal is located inside the industrial complex of “Devolli Corporation”, built in accordance with European standards.The terminal has a surface of 21.000 m² and hosts more than 50 businesses and offices that provide a wide range of services:

  • Customs agencies, banks, insurance companies, customs offices and other companies.
  • In order to provide terminal services, “Devolli Corporation” has signed a longterm contract with Customs Authorities of Kosova.

Prince Coffee Shop

A chain of coffee shops started a decade ago by Devolli Corporation and changed the way we think about coffee in Kosovo.

With coffee culture imported from the old world, where coffee was considered a big or small macchiato, today there are more than 50 coffee recipes prepared by the training staff at Prince Coffee House .. Prince Coffee House is daily need for local coffee addict in each community where it serves. A desirable place, which makes you forget for a while the daily stresses of life, a comfortable place to meet friends, enjoy with your friends, the taste of many coffees and various specialties. cakes and pastries. The main feature of PCH is hospitality, guests have a choice, and we do not want them to feel less than special. Every time with a stimulating presence for development wherever it serves and wherever it will appear. Behaviors and actions make the Prince more than just a name or a product. He represents everything we do! So trust us, what we do is weave a quality of positive energy that extends from Prince Coffee House, all over the world! With the number of points opened so far, PCH is the largest chain of Albanian bars in the region! #shihemiteveni

DLS - Devolli Logistic System

Among other basic activities, Devolli Corporation has developed and adopted a modern distribution system that covers all of Kosova.

The main objective of this network is to fulfill the requirements of customers for products of Devolli Corporation. Distribution philosophy of Devolli Corporation is to go beyond expectations of clients, by providing high quality products, services and values. From order to distribution, Devolli Corporation is always a step ahead by using innovative techniques in order to better serve its clients. Today, Devolli Corporation owns a transport fleet of more than 100 vehicles including:

  • Heavy trucks (10 t and 20 t)
  • Distributing vans (of 3,5 t) and
  • Small pick up cars

Customers’ satisfaction is referent point for Devolli Corporation. It is the key to the continuous success and achievements.


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