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Devolli Corporation

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About Us

Our story

The company "Devolli Commerce" was founded by the late Mr. Ibrahim Devolli in 1989, while he started business in 1990.

It was the challenging situation in the 90's when mr. IBRAHIM DEVOLLI found the courage, the courage to be began with the investment in Kosovo, beginning as a small company, with a total of 30 employees, and with the simplest technology .

Today, Shkelqim Devolli, son of Mr. Ibrahim Devolli, developed a well-known regional corporation with more than 500 employees with the most modern technology of the time, known as "Devolli Corporation".

We are committed to continue to progressively expand and expand our product and service program, which comprises a broad spectrum of activities, while maintaining a stable capital position.

More than that, thanks to modern technology, its management and development strategy, "Devolli Corporation" is ready to meet the needs of consumers for high quality products at any time and in any case

Currently, Devolli Corporation has a qualified leadership team. It has more than 500 employees, mainly focused on meeting customer needs. Its leadership aims to increase the number of workers to thousands in the medium term.

The network is extensive, “Devolli Corporation”, able to provide the products and services are the best in every corner of Kosovo, Albania and Macedonia, and on the way, to be sure, we are working to export in other countries.

Core Values

"The quality of our products and services is based on the quality of our people. ”

As Devolli Corporation, with all our people, we aspire to ensure customer satisfaction and continuous growth by providing products and services of the highest standard and quality.

We are committed to becoming a symbol of faith, quality and values.

“Our objective primary is to be the best”.

Our main goal is to be the best in quality, service, supply, and distribution, by providing an opportunity to the customers to be at the disposal of our products and services with a quality best as possible.

"The quality of our products and services is based on the quality of our people. ”

Our company is built around two main assets, our brands and our people.

The combination of the talents, the learning, the wisdom, the experience and the passion our people have made to come here, to where we are.

In this work, it helps to increase the professional growth of the employees, to our, as well as in relation to healthy interpersonal.

Main focus

Quality is the key to driving the creation and protection of our brands.

In line with market requirements, our team of experts analyzes market needs and based on these results,
defines the concept of a new product.

The stages of designing and manufacturing a product go through various processes in order to create a safe and loved product for customers. Quality control is done by professional staff that enables a high level of analytical support. where we focus is on differentiating our products compared to quality competitors.

The most important areas where Devolli Corporation's strategy is based are:

  • The relationship with the customer
  • The management of the product
  • The quality
  • The faithfulness of the workers in the
  • The development of the employees and the community
  • The progress of the sale
  • Research and development as well as cost control
  • Kosunmatorët

Every customer has their own specific needs and as a supplier you need to listen carefully to these requirements and live with them forever!

Satisfied customers, along with satisfied staff, are the company's most valuable asset. Customers are our greatest value, which is why we pay special attention to them, communicating openly and responsibly in order to build mutual trust and respect.

By having excellent customer relationships, we strive to increase our investment and provide them with even more innovative products and services so that this relationship will last long. , from production to consumption.


For the Largest Domestic Company "Devolli Corporation" Focusing on understanding customer needs and wants, mixing human capital expertise, innovation and technology resources represent the benefits we consider to be primary in our company.


At Devolli Corporation, our vision is to be recognized in the country but also in Europe by consumers, communities and people. We always do our best to offer the highest value Devolli Corporation products

Social Responsibility

As Devolli Corporation, we strive to achieve high standards of social responsibility. Moreover, we have always believed in the importance of building a large, sustainable company with various innovative products and services.