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"Prince Caffe" has started its next export to Switzerland from Monday.
The representative of the export department at "Prince Caffe", Albulena Haliti, in a statement for Ekonomia Online, said that they remain the leader in the country in terms of coffee quality.
According to her, this has caused foreign countries to increase their interest in their products.
Haliti announced that "Prince Caffe" has participated in various international fairs, which has enabled foreign countries to taste the taste of coffee.
"Prince Caffe" started in 2003, first in the local market, then in the countries of the region. Proving the quality and quality and because of the unique taste, there has been interest from foreign countries as well. Today "Prince Caffe" is exported to more than 20 countries of the world". "Including European, American and African countries. We have the 143rd export today, which will be exported to Switzerland. Loads are made in a truck. Prince Caffe has been present at several international fairs and foreign countries have had the opportunity to taste the coffee and it has turned out to be successful, today we have large and continuous requests for export in various countries", said Haliti.
She stated that "Prince Caffe" due to many years of experience, has never had problems in export.
Haliti announced that due to the great demands, "Prince Caffe" is building a new factory, which contains ten times more capacity than the current one. It has a unique taste, this has been proven by many professionals who have tasted the coffee, thanks to technology, thanks to the professional team and marketing, everything is complete that contains everything". "Given the constant demands, we are working in the new factory which will be in position very soon".
"This factory will have ten times the capacity of the current one. We will constantly follow the requests of the customers regarding the exceptional taste", said Haliti for EO.