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Devolli Corporation

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Edi Rama: Shkëlqim Devolli from Kosovo has become a character in the international market

The Prime Minister of Albania, Edi Rama, spoke about the successes of "Devolli Corporation" during the grateful hospitality he gave to representatives of Kosovar businesses at the Palace of Brigades.

He said that the shareholder of "Devolli Corporation", Shkëlqim Devolli, has become a character in the international market.

Rama praised Devolli, whom he said is an exceptional example that shows what success Albanians can achieve when opportunities are created.

"Here comes Shkëlqim Devolli from Kosovo and becomes a character in the international market and creates an added value, which is an extraordinary example for all of us of what Albanians can do when opportunities are created for them".

The head of the Albanian government said that the Albanian market has become too small for "Devolli Corporation", which also produces for the American and European markets.

"In the factory where we were all together at Shkëlqimi and fortunately Shkëlqimi is not alone in the Kosovo market, because there are others, regardless of size levels, there is a factory that can be located in any country in the world , from America to England, Germany and Australia".

"Actually, there is simply not enough produced there to occupy an already very small market for Shine. It is produced for the American market, the German market and the European markets and in a territory of extraordinary competition that they have not received Shkelqim Devolli neither in America, nor in Germany, nor in France, so that they think they can sleep comfortably. They took the mattresses when Shkëlqim Devolli's first ones were raised in wooden cradles", declared Rama.

The Prime Minister of Albania, Edi Rama, a month earlier - a day before the meeting of the two Albanian governments in Pristina - had visited the companies of the largest Kosovar exporter "Devolli Corporation", where he was amazed by their work and successes.