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Devolli Corporation

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Prince Caffe-participants in the trade fair “World of Private Label” in Amsterdam

Amsterdam has one of the largest fairs in the world, the "World of Private Label", which is considered the main event where producers of different food products present their production capabilities, thus offering potential buyers constant supply, according to the requirements of their respective markets. and with the trademark of the buyer's market.

Taking into account the high level of production capacity as well as to the kuantitetit as well as for the quality, this year, in the midst of the company, there is a Devolli Corporation, with the products coming from the company that the Prince Caffe .

Devolli Corporation, has exhibited products from two coffee factories - Turkish coffee and espresso as well as the whole range of instant coffee products - products that in their quality have attracted great interest from the visitors of this year's fair.

Thanks to the support of the responsible Ministries authorities, our participating companies have found a great opportunity to enter into new contracts that will enable these companies to expand their reach into international markets.