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‘Devolli Corporation’ anyway.p.k,.,, in accordance with the needs and request of the department of the production Plant of the dyshekëve in Gjakovë / đakovica, announces : Competition


For the filling of the vacancy,

  1. The head of the output file.


The duties and responsibilities of the position announced, are:

  • Manages, organizes, and ensures the efficiency of the whole process of working in the field of the production of the dyshekëve.
  • It is responsible for the production of mattresses according to standard operating practice, meeting the quality standard and production objectives.
  • Have knowledge of raw materials, tools, equipment, machines, and processes used in the manufacture of mattress.
  • Must understand standard work practices, quality norms, productivity norms, work instructions and documentation related to his role.
  • Analyzes leadership for the successful operation of the plant including: production, quality control, maintenance and monitoring of working equipment.
  • Be responsible for working with the highest possible efficiency, avoiding production errors, and ensuring that production requirements are met in a timely manner.
  • Provides instructions and bears responsibility to the ward staff and to the work to be done within the working hours.
  • Identifies deficiencies in production and sets out requirements for needed improvements.
  • Ability to organize and manage work and relationship with staff.
  • Preparation of various progress reports.
  • In addition to the duties and responsibilities mentioned above, he also performs other duties required by management.


The requirements and qualifications that are required:

  • Recommendation: The Tekstilë
  • At least two (2) years of working experience in the related field,
  • To be able to work under pressure, work.
  • Skills, organizational and planning priorities;
  • Good skills and knowledge of the work of the professional,
  • Have the initiative and creativity to offer new ideas on various issues related to the work process;
  • Good skills of communication in the Albanian Language and in the English Language, knowledge of other languages is considered an advantage;
  • To have the ability to be good in computer applications in MS Office, Excel, and Power Point;
  • Patent Driving – Category B


Interested candidates applying for this job should send the following documents via email:

  • CV along with photos as well as proofs of school / university preparation,
  • A Letter Of Motivation,
  • Evidence of work experience in the relevant field,
  • Certifications and training possible.
  • Letter of Recommendation or a reference potential (not required).


Application is made through the e – mail electronic version to:

[email protected]

Incomplete applications and work experience will not be considered.

The contest will remain open until the date of 15.05.2018.