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Devolli and Elkos donate half a million euros of items to the citizens of Kosovo

The three largest business companies from Peja, Devolli Corporation, Devolli Group and Elkos Group, have joined forces to donate food items and other relief products to citizens at a time when Kosovo is facing the Covid-19 virus pandemic.

Under the motto "Peja businessmen for Kosovo", from today will begin the distribution of packages which will contain 300 tons of flour "Finesa", 33 pallets of milk "Vita", 33 pallets of juices "Tango".

In addition, "Comodita" has offered to the Government of Kosovo the amount of 100 thousand protective masks, one thousand mattresses and five thousand pillows, for the needs of quarantines prepared, or other emergency situations according to the needs of the country.

Donation of food packages, the value of which is about 500 thousand euros, will be done in different settlements of Kosovo, according to a set schedule, in order to benefit as many families as possible.

A press conference of the representatives of the initiative "Peja businessmen for Kosovo" is held at 16:00 in Peja.

Devolli Corporation, Devolli Group and Elkos Group wish that the situation created with the coronavirus be passed as quickly and easily as possible and that the citizens of Kosovo do not suffer from shortages in supplies of vital items.